My name is Melinda (Hawkins) Wyers you may remember me from such places as “Mineola High School”, “The Art Institute of Dallas”,”Tyler Junior College”, or “UMHB”. I have an Associates and  BFA in Fine Art.  I got married in March 06, had my first kiddo in May 07. I am now living in San Marcos, Tx and am a graphic, print, web designer for myARCworld.com in New Braunfels.

The nickname “JetGirl” comes from one of my teachers at UMHB, the name stuck and to this day there are people in the art dept who don’t know my real name.

This is an everything blog. You will see posts about things like my son Isaac, food I’ve eaten that was worth blogging about, video games I get addicted to, youtube videos I think are funny or cool, and of course my new Subaru Impreza. From time to time I will post design related goodies but your better off going to Smashing Magazine or Abduzeedo and Doug for those things as they’re way beyond my level of skill.

If your a friend of mine and want your blog or site added to the blogroll just let me know and i’ll add it no problem.


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